Belong to DFA (Dachan Food Asia) – a multinational Cooperation in Asia. Established since 1995, Asia Nutrition Technologies Group always enhance, develop to become a leading company in animal feed industry. The first factory in Dong Nai province was established in 1995. In 2018, we have expanded our market and have totally 5 factories in Dong Nai, Hai Duong, Long An, Binh Dinh, Binh Duong, which distributed in creating more than 1.300 jobs for employees in Viet Nam. ANT focus on animal feed industry in order to make a high prestige with brands: Dr.Nupak, Dachan, Redstar,…


 we keep in our mind and our heart that  “Quality first, Prior Customer”

We act with customer-centered approach and commit to respond to all their needs. Always satisfy and be responsible for consumers

Dachan Greatwall Group

DaChan Food (Asia) Limited is the trademark which bears quality, safety and high standard of hygiene.  Leveraging on the fast growing living standards in the PRC where chicken products have become a very popular choice, especially among the upwardly mobile middle class population, DaChan has grown into a dominant player in the chicken meat, processed foods and feeds market in the PRC.

Chicken meat products are increasingly popular in the PRC as customers are now more aware of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.  Chicken is one of the healthiest white meat among all meat categories.  It enables a variety of cooking with different cuisines and its cost is relatively less expensive than any other kinds of meat.

Over 17 years of operation, DaChan has developed into a mega brand.  Its chicken meat products and processed meat products are sold under “Sisters’ Kitchen”  and“DaChan Chicken Kids” brand respectively.

DaChan is the famous chicken meat processor in the PRC, in terms of the number of chicken slaughtered.  It is also one of the chicken meat supplier to international fast food chains such as KFC.  In addition, its processed food business is also prominent in the PRC, with nearly 1 billion skewer products have been exported to other countries.  DaChan is the chicken product exporter in the PRC to convenience store chain Ito-Yokado and 7-eleven chain in Japan with a persistently increasing market share.

Under the brand “Doctor NuPak”, it has reached the famous producer in the PRC and especially in Liaoning province.  It is also ranked the top in the markets of Vietnam and Malaysia where DaChan is growing even faster.

DaChan’s high vertically integrated business model combines feeds production, chicken hatching and slaughtering, processing of chicken meat and production of processed foods in one single operational platform.  This business model guarantees DaChan with an effective traceability and quality assurance system to consistently enforce stringent quality and hygiene control measures, and ensure the quality and safety of all products.

At present, DaChan has a total of 32 production facilities with 4 chicken meat production facilities strategically situated along the corn belt and 7 processed food production facilities in PRC, as well as 14, 6 and 1 feed mills in the PRC, Vietnam and Malaysia. DaChan has successfully built a strong network of production and sales.