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Corporate Profile

Asian Nutrition Technologies Group

Asia Nutrition Technologies Group (ANT) is an affiliate to DFA (Dachan Food Asia) – a multinational corporation on industrial and live-stock food in Asia. Founded in 1995, ANT has been attempting, developing and soon becoming one of the market leaders in the industry of livestock food and aquaculture.

Entering Vietnam market in 1995 with a factory in Dong Nai Province, the company has developed 2 additional factories in Hai Duong and Long An provinces. On each step of brand building and reputation enhancing, ANT focuses on providing food for cattle, poultry and fish with brands such as: Dr.Nupak, Dachan, Redstar, Nuboss ...

The company does not only pay attention to profit in business activities but also share the farmers’ burden of cost escalation, particularly in forms of loans extension, installment loans, special product provision helping the livestock increase their immunity, development of local collaborator network to support the farmers in raising process. Fortunately, those measures have worked well and brought fruitful outcomes for example the development of many partners such as private livestock units and even some largest scaled livestock business in the country and in the Region, says, Nguyen Ho Co., Ltd specializing in quadruplicate (in Tien Giang province), Binh Minh livestock Co., Ltd specializing in chickens and various companies and private units raising pigs.

History of foundation and development:

- April 1995 : Founding Chinfon Livestock Food Company Limited, contributed by Chinfon Corporation (40%), Dachan Corporation (30%) and Mr. Huang Kun Fu (30%). All of the capital was invested in Chinfon Vietnam Livestock Food Company Limited.
- May 1996: Construction commencement of a factory in Song May Industrial Zone, Dong Nai Province.
- September 1997 : Official operation of the factory according to business lines of cattle, poultry and fish food production and consumption and additives.
- February 2001 : Chifon Corporation transferred 40% of shares to Dachan Corporation.
- May 2001 : Transferring Chinfon Vietnam Livestock Food Company Limited into Asian Nutrition Technologies Group (VN)
- 2003 : Factory construction commencement in Ha noi
- April 2004: Official operation of Asian Nutrition Technologies Group (HN)
- May 2007 : Factory construction commencement in Long An province
- April 2008 : Official operation of Asian Nutrition Technologies Group (LA).
Since its official operation, ANT has been following the orientation of “quality at first, Customer upmost” and committing to provide products of best quality and most thoughtful post-purchase service..